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- Used
-Certified Pre-Owned Equipment
-Tested by a qualified technician
- Ready to be put to great us
- Overall very good cosmetic condition
- Fully working condition

Description :

Overview :

- Adaptable Flexible codec for customized installations in conference rooms of any size
- Powerful Delivers rich media collaboration and live PC presentations
- Practical The built-in MCU connects up to 7 sites in mixed mode ISDN and IP


- Multipoint Conferencing AVC 8400 is a cutting-edge rack-mount codec that provides the highest quality videoconferencing for customized deployment in rooms of all sizes.
- AVC 8400 provides XGA input and output ports for simultaneous dual-stream video for live PC presentations.
- The integrated Multipoint Conferencing Unit (MCU) connects up to 7 sites in mixed mode (ISDN, IP-H.323 and IP-SIP), with convenient dial-out and dial-in (Meet Me) configuration.
- Continuous Presence feature enables participants at all sites to view each other simultaneously.
- The AVC 8400 can be integrated into existing conference rooms with audio and video facilities or customized solutions.
- It can also be implemented in vertical applications such as telemedicine and distance learning.
- Multiple Network Connectivity Multiple network connections are supported, including: ISDN BRI and PRI, IP-H.323 and SIP and leased networks.
- Simultaneous Dual-Stream Video Convenient XGA input and output ports provide one-step PC plug-in simultaneous dual-stream video and live PC presentations with enhanced images.


Supported Standards

ITU-T H.320 ISDN, leased networks

ITU-T H.323 IP networks

IETF-SIP (RFC3261) IP networks


Video H.261, H.263++, H.264 H.239, H.241

Audio G.711, G.728, G.722, G.722.1, MPEG 4 AAC-LD

Data T.120

LDAP H.350

MCU compatibility H.243, H.231


Bit rate 56 kbps 384 kbps over ISDN BRI 56 kbps 768 kbps over ISDN BRI (option) 56 kbps 2 Mbps over ISDN PRI* (option) 64 kbps 3 Mbps over IP (H323/SIP) 56 kbps 2 Mbps over V.35/Leased * in North America ISDN PRI/T1 at 1544 kbps (ANSI T1 recommendations)

Simultaneous video motion coding and PC presentations from the XGA input

Frame rate 15 frames per second @ 56 kbps - 128 kbps 30 frames per second @ 168 kbps - 3 Mbps

Video resolution 4CIF 704 x 576 pixels FCIF 352 x 288 pixels QCIF 176 x 144 pixels 4CIF 704 x 576 pixels for still images (H.261 Annex D) 4 SIF 704 x 480 pixels SIF 352 x 240 pixels 4 SIF 704 x 480 pixels Up to 1024x768 pixels over XGA in H.263

Remote camera control H.281 (H.320 - H.323)

Audio Audio Band Bit rate G.711 300 3400 Hz 56 kbps G.728 50 3400 Hz 16 kbps G.722 50 7000 Hz 48/56 kbps G.722.1 50 7000 Hz 24/32 kbps AAC-LD 50 14000 Hz 48/56/64 kbps
Echo cancellation Full-duplex

Adaptive post filtering

Automatic Gain Control (AGC)

Automatic Noise Suppression

Digital Microphone Pod

Range 360

Response 50 14000 Hz

Microphones 3

Mute button

Up to 2 pods in a daisy-chain configuration

Supported Monitor

Format PAL or NTSC

Single, dual monitor, VGA

PIP function

Network Interfaces

ISDN 3 BRI with integrated channel aggregator 3 RJ-45 6 BRI with integrated channel aggregator 6 RJ-45 (option) 1 PRI E1/T1with integrated channel aggregator 1 RJ-45 (option)

Ethernet 2-Port 10/100BASE-T full-duplex with integrated switch Ethernet 2 RJ-45

Leased networks G.703 1 RJ-45 (option) X.21/V.35/RS366/RS449/RS530 44pin Hi/Den (option)

Audio/Video Interfaces

Video inputs 4xCamera S-video (Mini-DIN) 3xCamera Composite (BNC) XGA In DB15 Hi/Den

Video outputs Monitor 1 Composite (BNC), S-video (Mini-DIN) Monitor 2 Composite (BNC), S-video (Mini-DIN) Monitor 3 Composite (BNC), S-video (Mini-DIN) XGA Out DB 15 Hi/Den

Audio inputs Connection Level Connector 2xPod mic. 360 Dig. RJ-11 6/6 3xMic. Mic. XLR 3xAudio In Line RCA

Audio outputs 4xAudio Out Line RCA

Network Protocols


Network Features

Differentiated Service (DIFFSERV), IP Precedence, IP Type of Service (ToS), Auto Gatekeeper Discovery, Clever Packets Management (AeCPM)

Auxiliary Interfaces

Data RS232 DB9

Diagnostics RS232 DB9

VISCA RS232 Mini-DIN 8-pin


Infrared extension Stereo jack 3.5 mm

PC card PCMCIA, type II for Wi-Fi card

User Interface

Multilingual on-screen graphic user interface

User selectable languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Norwegian, Swedish, Russian, Czechoslovakian, Hungarian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean

Infrared remote control for full function control

Contextual help

Diagnostics and management functions

Call progress monitoring

Supports AMX or Crestron

Customizable Graphic User Interface

Web streaming function: UNICAST and MULTICAST compatible with QuickTime

Multipoint Function

Integrated MCU H.320, H.323 and SIP mixed mode 7 participants @ 256 kbps 5 participants @ 384 kbps 4 participants @ 512 kbps 3 participants @ 768 kbps

Compatible with analog and mobile networks

Video coding H.261, H.263++

Audio coding G.711, G.722, G.722.1 G.728

Chair control H.243

Dial-In/Dial-Out capabilities

Continuous Presence


Dual video H.239 from any site


AES encryption standard H.233, H.234, H.235

Web Management All the configuration, call, diagnostics and management functions are accessible using the following web browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator

Integrated Presentation

Supported applications Microsoft PowerPoint

Multimedia support T.120

Power Supply

100-240 Vac 50-60 Hz 1.5 A Max


AVC 8400 19 2U rack Width 44 cm (17.5) Height 9 cm (3.6) Depth 25 cm (10)

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Aethra AVC 8400 Video Conferencing System

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