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The Isys® TPS-6X Wireless Touch Screen delivers high-end style and performance in a very versatile, ergonomic design. With its sleek and innovative desktop docking station, the TPS-6X goes effortlessly from wired tabletop use to fully wireless handheld operation. The TPS-6X brings a new level of wireless versatility to the Isys family of touch screens with Extended Range 2-way RF and 1-way IR wireless capabilities built in, affording a choice of wireless platforms to suit the environment[1].

Compact and portable, the TPS-6X does away with piles of remotes and cryptic control panels, affording true "one-touch" control over a broad range of complex devices and systems. Featuring a bright, beautiful, high-contrast color touch screen display, and a smart array of backlit tactile pushbuttons[2], the TPS-6X offers an ideal user-interface for controlling home theater and multimedia presentation, and a host of other uses.

Isys® Color Touch Screen

The TPS-6X provides a wide open canvas for the creation of custom control screens tailored to each unique application. Its brilliant 5.7" active-matrix display and powerful Isys engine combine to produce stunning 16-bit color graphics with extreme versatility and lightning-fast performance. Dynamic graphics and text capability enable the display of all kinds of useful data and alluring eye candy—from audio settings, TV channels, and lighting levels—to changing icons, photos, and logos—to digital media playlists complete with album cover art.

Crestron® exclusive DNav and Synapse™ technologies enable system programmers to produce amazing graphics faster and easier using advanced dynamic control menus and 3D effects. Additional capabilities like animations, multimode objects, PNG translucency, and full-motion video[3] enhance the palette for creating GUIs that are both eye-catching and easy to use.

Tactile Pushbuttons

In addition to its touch screen display, the TPS-6X features illuminated tactile pushbuttons for quick access to volume adjustment, channel selection, and on-screen menu navigation functions. Eight additional pushbuttons, elegantly trimmed by illuminated button dividers, flank the edges of the touch screen to support additional programmable functions.

High-quality backlit laser-engraving lends a crisp, legible appearance to button text in both darkened and fully lit rooms[2]. The pushbuttons come pre-engraved with labeling suited to a typical home theater or multimedia presentation application. If needed, customized engraving can be attained simply using Crestron Engraver software[2]. A no-button front bezel is also included with the TPS-6X, which may be installed in place of the button bezel for a very clean appearance with no front panel pushbuttons.

Two additional "trigger" style buttons are positioned on top of the TPS-6X for easy control of the display brightness, sleep mode, and other programmable functions.

Extended Range RF Wireless

Crestron Extended Range 2.4 GHz RF technology affords exceptional wireless performance up to 200 feet indoors[4] using the CEN-ERFGW-POE Extended Range RF Wireless Gateway[5]. For even greater coverage, the TPS-6X supports roaming amongst up to 8 gateways. A range of selectable RF channels and power levels helps to maximize performance for both small and large facilities—from boardrooms, classrooms, and home theaters—to auditoriums and convention centers. High-speed bidirectional communication supports true feedback with dynamic graphics and text, affording the capabilities of a wired Isys touch screen in a fully wireless portable package.

IR Wireless

Built-in IR capability affords a wireless alternative that's immune to extremely noisy RF environments, and suitable for sensitive applications where RF may not be permitted. An operational range of up to 50 feet line-of-sight is possible using a C2N-IRGW-1G or C2N-IRGW-F IR Gateway, or CNXRMIRD IR Receiver.

TableTop Tilt Docking Station

Placing the touch screen onto the TPS-6X-DS Docking Station[6] converts it to a stylish tilt touch screen, providing wired communications and video capability while charging the touch screen's internal battery. Both wired Ethernet and Cresnet® connectivity are available, so when the touch screen is placed on the docking station, it can switch automatically from RF wireless to fully-wired operation if either Ethernet or Cresnet is connected. Without a wired connection present, the touch screen will continue to operate wirelessly while it charges.

The TableTop Tilt Docking Station features a tiltable docking port, allowing the touch screen to be tilted at any angle up to 45 degrees for optimal viewing and operation when docked. The angle can be freely adjusted, or locked down at a fixed angle. Strong magnets help guide the touch screen onto the docking port and hold it in place, and a finger-operated latch can be engaged at any time to secure the touch screen to the docking station. The touch screen can even be attached to the docking station semi-permanently using a provided locking pin for a sleek, full-time tabletop touch screen solution.

For applications that do not require the latch or locking pin features, a "no-lock" docking station (TPS-6XNL-DS[6]) is also offered.

Low-Profile Docking Option

As an alternative to the TableTop Tilt Docking Stations, a low-profile docking station (TPS-6X-DS-LP[6]) is also offered. The low-profile dock affords all the connectivity and charging capabilities of the tilt dock, but with a smaller footprint and lower stance that's perfect for certain countertops, side tables, and pull-out drawers.

Interface Module

For easy, versatile placement, each docking station features a single flexible cable exiting the rear of the docking station base. On the tilt models, this cable can be repositioned to exit the bottom for a very clean, cordless appearance. The 9 ft (2.75 m) cable extends to a compact Interface Module (TPS-6X-IMCW[6]), which may be mounted conveniently in a wall box, or attached to any flat surface or rack rail. The interface module provides all the wired connections for power, communications, and video.

Full-Motion Video[3]

When docked, the TPS-6X can display full-motion video, providing the ability to monitor a security camera, or preview a DVD or television channel, right on the touch screen display. The video image is fully scalable for viewing in any sized window or full screen. The choice of balanced or unbalanced composite inputs allows compatibility with both conventional coaxial and Crestron Home® CAT5 Balanced AV distribution systems.[3]

On-Screen Keyboard/Mouse

On-screen keyboard and mouse capabilities enable the TPS-6X to provide full control of computers running TouchPoint® Virtual Mouse & Keyboard Software (VMK-WIN).


Touch Screen Display
  Display Type TFT Active matrix color LCD
  Size 5.7 inch (145 mm) diagonal
  Aspect Ratio 4:3 VGA
  Resolution 640 x 480 pixels
  Brightness 350 nits (cd/m²)
  Contrast 400:1
  Color Depth 18-bit, 256k colors
  Illumination Backlit fluorescent
  Viewing Angle ±80° horizontal, +80°/-70° vertical
  Touch Screen Resistive membrane
Buttons, Switches & Indicators
  Sleep (1) Programmable top-mounted pushbutton (left); normally initiates “Sleep” mode when docked, turns power on/off when undocked; also resets the unit if held for 5 seconds
  Brightness (1) Programmable top-mounted pushbutton (right), normally sets display brightness level
  Hard Keys

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