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TheCM2204amplifierdrives 4 independentchannelsintolowimpedanceor 70Voltloads. With this advancedamplifierarchitecture, there is no need to select the loadimpedance. Eachchannelcan drive 4Ohmsand up for flexible system configuration. Sonics are outstanding, and the price enables use in a multitude of applications. Highefficiencyallows up to 8channelsin a space-saving 2RUrackheight. A switch allows selection of 0.775Voltsensitivityor x40gain. Ahigh-passfilteris selectable perchannel. 100 and 50Voltoperation is supported with our CMx accessory.


  • Powerinto 4Ohm- 150 W x 4
  • Powerinto 8Ohm- 220 W x 4
  • Power@ 70V - 220 W x 4
  • Multi-load architecture allowslowimpedanceor 70Voltoperation without select switch (100 or 50Voltoutput operation with CMx accessory)
  • Lowmainscurrentdraw
  • Compact design allows up to 4channelsin a 2RUrackspace
  • Low weight
  • Cost-effective for many multi-channelapplications
  • Flexible configuration
  • Easy set-up
  • CMSeries Protection Circuits
  • ACL (ActiveClipLimiting) automatically reducesgainat the onset ofclippingto preventamplifierand load damage
  • IGM (InstantaneousGainModulation)monitorsloadcurrentto protect against overloading
  • AUTORAMP gradually increasesgainwhen theamplifieris turned on, preventing abrupt turn-onlevel
  • Other protection features include: short circuit,DCvoltage, comprehensive thermal management,currentin-rush turnon/offtransientand sub/ultrasonic input

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Crest Audio CM 2204 4-Channel 300 Watt Power Amplifier

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